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School of The Remote Influencer 1 - SOTRI 1 : Online home schooling model.


I thought it would be good to write an updated post which provides new info on the SOTRI 1 school model and what this model is about. I would define SOTRI 1 as an online home schooling or home education model. I am a teacher and I am also a perpetual student of this unique and creative school. The majority of my research and learning is done from the comfort of my home. Pc's and the internet are extensively used at SOTRI 1.

The platforms SOTRI 1 uses.

 Merriam-Webster defines school as : A place or establishment for teaching and learning

I used the bold and the underline feature for the word, place. I did this to indicate that the internet and social media is where SOTRI 1 operates from at present. An actual physical school or schools may be built in the future though.


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Donations kindly made to School of The Remote Influencer 1.

I have been operating School of The Remote Influencer 1 - SOTRI 1 with 0 outside funding to date. If you would like to make on off, or regular donations to SOTRI 1, please visit the link below. The page is powered by stripe. You know therefore, that this will be a secure and safe way in which to make donations. I have a GoFundMe campaign for SOTRI 1 too. I will provide that link in a future post. I tried to add a donate button to this blog site. It did not work for some reason. Therefore, I decided to add a link to the donate button instead.

Welcome to School of The Remote Influencer 1.

Welcome to School of The Remote Influencer 1 - SOTRI 1. My name is Anand Sule. I am the founder of School of The Remote Influencer 1. This is the first school of its kind in the world. SOTRI 1 is a powerful new online personal development school and it is a school of thought. SOTRI 1 is also a Human Resources learning and development solution. SOTRI 1 is quite a few things. In future posts, I will expand upon these things. The internet and social media learning play a big part in School of The Remote Influencer as do e-learning and distance learning elements. This site won't be flashy and full of hype. However, it will be powerful and transforming in essence.  Contact info.

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