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My spiritual path.

  I have been following my own spiritual path for many years now. I decided to place a name on this path, in February of 2016 : Way of The Remote Influencer - WOTRI. I would classify wotri as a new, urban monastic order.  In the photo above, you will notice a hammer. I see these symbols as symbols you might see on a coat of arms. I see a hammer as tool which one would use to help build things with and it can be seen as a tool which can be used to break down barriers with. I think of a hammer as a metaphor for a tool that I would use to break down barriers which prevent me from achieving my true potential. I believe in one God and I respect all religions, and I respect those that don't follow any religious beliefs. I don't like to judge people for their beliefs or lack thereof. I also believe in science. I have been approached by people from various faiths. They have tried to convert me to their religion. I have tried to tell these people that I follow my own unique spiritual pa

Remote Influencer yoga : One of my recent projects.

  I am a highly creative thinker as you might have come to realize. One of my recent projects testifies to this fact. Remote Influencer yoga is the project in mention. I will be teaching this system through this site and through my other websites also. I chose the domain name with the word yoga as part of the . com domain name. In essence, Remote Influencer yoga is a meditation system of my own creation. The link below will provide more info on why I chose this domain name. Remote Influencer yoga will help to enhance learning potentials in students. Here is a link to a post from my Google blog for Remote Influencer yoga. I will also add a link to a post I had written up on my meditation system and why it's different from other meditation systems.