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My TRICS - The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution Facebook page and new Facebook group.

Here are the links to my Facebook page and my Facebook group for TRICS. TRICS would fall under the umbrella: Remote Influencing (RI) consulting. TRICS is the brand name for the RI consulting solution I have developed through research and development endeavors. There is great potential for TRICS. It can be an adjunct to Life Coaching and/or an alternative to Life Coaching. The key word here is Remote. My work will be provided via the internet. It can also be delivered via social media, which can only be accessed via the internet. Hence my decision for creating the above Facebook page and Facebook group for TRICS. I had written about Remote Influencing (RI) and the power of groups in my book. I will write about this in future posts. I am impressed with Facebook groups. They offer some great features for group admins.