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Showing posts from February, 2023

WCK 7 Wearable chain keyring 7 updated demo.

Here is an updated and somewhat creative demo of my WCK 7 - Wearable chain keyring 7 product demo.

My Portmag keyholder product.

  I have created a unique and a very useful portable magnetic keyholder product : Portmag keyholder. This product can be used on a mortise plate of a door and / or a fridge. I have even used Portmag on my metal clothes horse as you can see in the photo above. You can see the mortise plate application in the top photo. Here is a quick video from Youtube channel. It shows the Portmag fridge application in action. Here is a demo of the Portmag keyholder mortise plate of a door demo. It's from my Youtube channel.

My website, viewed through a mobile/cell phone.

My Google sites website for The Remote Influencer.

  I have created a new website for The Remote Influencer . I am creating a brand here with the words, The Remote Influencer. I say creating as the process is ongoing. In some ways this is similar to the processes of lifelong learning and basic research as these endeavors can take years of work to accomplish. Here is a link to the website.