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My new Facebook group for School of The Remote Influencer 1 - SOTRI1.

  I have created a Facebook group for SOTRI1. Facebook pages and Facebook groups have the potential to become powerful learning tools. Educational materials can be uploaded and shared as can web links etc. Here is a link to the group.

Home educated students who aspire to become micro or small business owne...

Positive comments regarding my blog for SOTRI 1.

My new Youtube channel for School of The Remote Influencer 1.

  I have created a new Youtube channel for School of The Remote Influencer 1. I decided to use the acronym and the same user name as the domain name for my main website, I wasn't able to use the aforementioned complete url as my Youtube channel name. I am glad at least that I was able to use SOTRI1 as the channel name. As you can see, I am creating a brand here with SOTRI1. Here is a link to my Youtube channel. Here is a link to my first video from my channel.

School of The Remote Influencer 1 - SOTRI 1 : Online home schooling model.

  I thought it would be good to write an updated post which provides new info on the SOTRI 1 school model and what this model is about. I would define SOTRI 1 as an online home schooling or home education model. I am a teacher and I am also a perpetual student of this unique and creative school. The majority of my research and learning is done from the comfort of my home. Pc's and the internet are extensively used at SOTRI 1. The platforms SOTRI 1 uses.  Merriam-Webster defines school as : A place or establishment for teaching and learning I used the bold and the underline feature for the word, place. I did this to indicate that the internet and social media is where SOTRI 1 operates from at present. An actual physical school or schools may be built in the future though.

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