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The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution - TRICS.

The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution - TRICS is the name of the Remote Influencing (RI) consulting solution I have developed. It's a bit of a long name. However, it serves a purpose. I am developing a brand of sorts: The Remote Influencer. The Remote Influencer is a powerful monk archetype of the future. The Remote Influencer is not bound by dogma. It is not limited. The Remote Influencer will keep evolving, growing and improving, changing over the course of time. As I have a background in Learning and Development consulting, those elements along with my Remote Influencing (RI) system, will be part of TRICS. There are other highly creative elements in TRICS. This is why I had underlined the 'limited' word in the paragraph above. TRICS can blend in with and it can compete with Life Coaching. TRICS can be done online via E consulting methods and it can be done in person too. I have created a new Facebook page for TRICS. Here's a link to the page: https://ww