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Portmag keyholder clothes horse application.

  In the photo above, you will see the Portmag keyholder used in a clothes horse application. If you look carefully, you can see 6 neodymium magnets connected to each other. This adds to their strength. My clothes horse is made of metal.  My clothes horse is right near my front door. I don't leave my keys on the device for extended periods of time. However, I could do if I wanted to as the Portmag keyholder is a powerful magnet or combined magnets acting as one unit. I place my keys onto the Portmag keyholder a short while before I am ready to leave my place to go for my errands, visits etc. Portmag would be classed as an invention under the new use for existing products category. I don't have the funds to patent this invention though. 
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My new logo for School of the remote influencer 1.

  I have created a new logo for School of the remote influencer 1. This is an example of self directed learning in action. I have recently started using Adobe express in order for me to be able to create my own logos etc. In the past, I would have to keep relying on outside vendors for my logo needs. I am not an expert at using Adobe express at this time. However, I will keep learning and practising. The other advantage to this example of self directed learning, is the fact that I can now save money as I don't need to hire outside vendors.  

WCK 7 Wearable chain keyring 7 updated demo.

Here is an updated and somewhat creative demo of my WCK 7 - Wearable chain keyring 7 product demo.

My Portmag keyholder product.

  I have created a unique and a very useful portable magnetic keyholder product : Portmag keyholder. This product can be used on a mortise plate of a door and / or a fridge. I have even used Portmag on my metal clothes horse as you can see in the photo above. You can see the mortise plate application in the top photo. Here is a quick video from Youtube channel. It shows the Portmag fridge application in action. Here is a demo of the Portmag keyholder mortise plate of a door demo. It's from my Youtube channel.

My website, viewed through a mobile/cell phone.

My Google sites website for The Remote Influencer.

  I have created a new website for The Remote Influencer . I am creating a brand here with the words, The Remote Influencer. I say creating as the process is ongoing. In some ways this is similar to the processes of lifelong learning and basic research as these endeavors can take years of work to accomplish. Here is a link to the website.

My site is still operational.

  I had done a search using Bing on my Windows 10 pc for the other day. One of the questions they had was, whether my site is still open or not. I can confirm that the site has been operational since it first began, in April of 2017 to this very day. Here is a quick Youtube video I had shot earlier. It gives more info on this subject. I am sorry that the video came out in the wrong angle. I wasn't able to fix the problem. The important thing here is that the site is still running. I provide more of a coaching and consulting service though at present. This online school model can be replicated by students across the globe.