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My research and self directed learning group / club.

My research and self directed learning group / club PDF file.

  I have created a unique club / group dedicated to research and self directed learning. The group is formed as an unincorporated association. There are 0 costs for prospective members considering joining the group. As this is a web based group, people from across the globe can join. Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI is the name of said group/club. Here is a link to a post I had written up on the above. It's from my Google blog for PTRI. You will find a link to the PDF in this blog post too.

Individual hobbies and sports as learning tools.

  I would have to say that data collection is one of my hobbies. I have collected hundreds of research files in PDF format over the course of many years. In fact, this collection is still going on to this very day. One can learn new things when they take up new hobbies or sports. Here is a PDF I had written up on individual hobbies and sports. I will provide a link to the pdf via my Google drive and my Amazon drive. You can choose which platform you'd like to download the pdf via.

My take on You and your friend by Snake River conspiracy.

School based enterprises.

  A school based enterprise is a simulated or an actual business that operates from a school or a university. I manage various websites, blogs and social media projects. I prefer to think of these ventures as projects. They may turn into actual revenue generating small businesses in the future though. I look at these projects as investments of sorts . All be it, digital real estate investments . I will write about this topic in a future post. Here is a post from this blog. It provides more info on my school based enterprises. I will also provide a link to a site which gives more info on school based enterprises.,%2C%20finance%2C%20hospitality%20or%20management. In case if the link above is removed from the web in the future, I have made a pdf print out of the article. It's from