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School of The Remote Influencer, PTRI and Basic Research.

What is Basic Research?

Basic research is curiosity driven. It is motivated by a desire to expand knowledge and involves the acquisition of knowledge for knowledge's sake. It is intended to answer why, what or how questions and increase understanding of fundamental principles. Basic research does not have immediate commercial objectives and although it certainly could, it may not necessarily result in an invention or a solution to a practical problem.


I will be conducting ongoing basic research projects through School of The Remote Influencer - SOTRI  and through Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI. Universities are known for their work in basic research. Curiosity fuels the researcher involved with basic research. Curiosity is what drives inventors too. The areas of my basic research endeavors include business and cognitive science. I may explore other areas in the future. These are the areas I am focusing on at present. It is my belief that basic research can be used in a diverse range of fields: Science, Business, Social Sciences and Art. This list can grow too. 

When you think about it, you come realize that you may have been taking part in basic research without even being aware of it. You may have become interested in a topic through something you had read about, seen on TV or through a movie etc. You then go and read up about the said topic through your own self directed ways. The internet fuels this motivation. Basic research can lead to new discoveries. Did you know that the internet had started out as a basic research project? As you may have gathered through reading what I have written, I am promoting Basic Research and Self Directed Learning through SOTRI and PTRI.

Here is a Youtube video which provides some good information on Basic Research.

Hopefully this video and the link will be there for the long term. If for some reason the video is deleted etc, just type in: Basic research definition into Youtube. You will find other videos related to this topic. 


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Donations kindly made to School of The Remote Influencer 1.

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